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Jobs Where You Can Be a Video Editor

A video editor is a person who works with video footage. He collects the stories into a single picture, removes all unnecessary, creates transitions – literally “glues” the video. Video editor jobs are connected with modern technologies, they have a share of creativity.
Each film or commercial undergoes serious preparation and processing before being released on the big screens. There is an imposition of music and special effects, the best shots are selected, and if necessary, repeated shooting takes place. The quality and visual image of the video is formed by a video editor using professional software for this work.

Features of the profession

Specialists in the field of video altering can get instruction at a college, yet in addition in courses. They are popular in different fields: sorting out occasions, filling locales, looking after video blogs, making ads, movies and TV, and others. The obligations of a video proofreader incorporate the accompanying works:
• seeing film;
• expulsion of ineffective casings;
• recognition of the time code;
• adding text, captions, end credits, screensavers;
• synchronization of video with sound (in collaboration with a sound altering trained professional);
• cutting and sticking sections;
• advancement of suggestions in regards to re-shooting of sections of bad quality: shadows, fluffiness, unfamiliar items, others;
• making of changes, the inconvenience of different impacts;
• work with sound: overlaying music, exchanges, and so on.
The main working tool of a video editor is a computer or tablet with a package of highly professional programs. He uses software for video processing, applying special effects, video quality correction and other tasks.
An experienced video editor is able to create a new plot from the captured frames, remove unnecessary ones and add something that will completely change the nature or theme of the video. While completing the assigned tasks, the video editor is in close business contact with the director, sound and graphics specialists.

Important personal qualities

Video editors are people characterized by colossal perseverance, pedantry and an increased level of attentiveness. The specialists are executive, they are quite demanding of themselves and those around them, they are prone to monotonous and painstaking work.
In their activities, the ability to react neutrally to criticism and the ability to seek a compromise is important. The profession requires developed creative skills, aesthetic taste, and understanding of the specifics of the industry. Video editors are inclined to self-study, they are constantly busy mastering new software and tracking fashion trends.

Place of work

Video editors are specialists who will always have orders. They successfully work on TV channels and film studios and can collaborate with bloggers and private clients. In the latter case, we are talking mainly about the installation of professional video related to weddings, proms, and other special events.
Also, video editors are in demand in marketing and event agencies, and in other areas. Often they run their own blogs, can fill YouTube channels or groups on social networks. Private video editors receive a fixed amount for the edited video. The salary of specialists who work in agencies and film studios is more stable and higher.